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LED power supply must be resistant to high temperature fire and self-ignition

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       LED power supply must fully use fireproof materials

       LED power supply, in accordance with electrical certification, 3C mandatory certification standards, all materials must use high temperature fireproof and self-igniting materials. Internal components, such as electrolytic capacitors, must have a temperature resistance of 85 degrees or more; transformers must be resistant to high temperature and flame retardant when using adhesive tape; PCB boards are resistant to high temperatures up to 105 degrees and are flame retardant. For the outer casing, it is necessary to use a metal shell with high temperature resistance and high strength, such as an aluminum shell; a plastic shell must be added with a flame retardant component. For the connecting line, it is necessary to adopt the wire which has passed the safety certification, and the temperature is up to 85 degrees, which is flame retardant.

       Main performance indicators of fire protection and self-ignition of LED power supply

       1, high temperature resistance: non-power devices, devices that do not actively heat, temperature should reach more than 75 degrees; power devices, devices that will actively heat, temperature should reach above 105 degrees.

       LED power supply must be resistant to high temperature fire and self-ignition

       2, flame retardant characteristics: the material itself can not be burned, such as aluminum shell; the material itself may be ignited, must be added flame retardant ingredients, fire and self-ignition. The flame retardant property is that it can be ignited, but it will automatically extinguish within 3 seconds after the fire source is removed, and will not burn all the time.

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