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LED power technology development direction

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       The development direction of LED power supply is high frequency, high reliability, low consumption, low noise, anti-interference and modularization. Since the key technology of LED power supply is light, small and thin, high-frequency LED power supply manufacturers are committed to the simultaneous development of new high-intelligent components, especially to improve the loss of secondary rectifier devices, and in the power iron Increased technological innovation in oxygen (Mn?Zn) materials to improve high magnetic properties at high frequencies and large magnetic flux densities (Bs), and miniaturization of capacitors is also a key technology.

       The application of SMT technology has made great progress in LED power supply, and components are arranged on both sides of the circuit board to ensure that the LED power supply is light, small and thin. The high frequency of LED power supply will inevitably innovate the traditional PWMLED technology. The soft LED technology of ZVS and ZCS has become the mainstream technology of LED power supply, and has greatly improved the working efficiency of LED power supply. For high reliability indicators, LED power supply manufacturers in the United States reduce the stress of the device by reducing the operating current and lowering the junction temperature, which greatly improves the reliability of the product.

       Modularity is the general trend of LED power supply development. It can be composed of modular power supply to form a distributed power system. It can be designed as an N+1 redundant power supply system and realize capacity expansion in parallel mode. In view of the shortcomings of the LED power supply running noise, if the high frequency is pursued separately, the noise will also increase with the use of partial resonance conversion circuit technology, which can theoretically achieve high frequency and reduce noise, but part of it There are still technical problems in the practical application of the resonant conversion technology, so a lot of work still needs to be done in this field to make the technology practical.

       The continuous innovation of power electronics technology has made the LED power industry have broad development prospects. To speed up the development of China's LED power industry, we must take the road of technological innovation, and walk out the road of joint development of production, education and research with Chinese characteristics, and contribute to the rapid development of China's national economy.

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