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[I and "along the way"] Tanzania: open digital TV to understand the wonderful China

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        CCTV "message" is the "one side" initiative of the core content of the initiative, and popular, cultural blending, it is "interoperability" an important manifestation.

        On the western end of the 21st century Maritime Silk Road, Chinese companies are driving Africa's television industry into the digital age from the analog age, allowing "affordable digital TV services" to spread over the distant villages and enrich the lives of the African people.


        The town of Mataibuwa is only 90 kilometers away from Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, but it is not convenient for the outside world, no asphalt road, muddy road in the rainy season.

        Last year, most people in the village just installed a cable TV, which became the village's top priority.


        For the villagers to bring cable television signal, is China's four-day group in Tanzania's rural areas to carry out the "digital signal into the village" project. According to the plan, the project will install Tanzania's 245 villages for digital television.

        In the past, Tanzania people watching television mainly rely on antenna transmission of analog signals, vulnerable to harsh weather and signal conditions, each household can only receive 6,7 channels. Now, China has provided digital television signals for 18 cities in Tanzania, and has established cable terrestrial base stations, providing more than 120 channels.


Tanzanian engineers working at the base station

        Engineers on duty 24 hours on duty, to accept, launch and storage equipment maintenance, to ensure that the signal uninterrupted delivery to the audience home.

        6000 shillings per month, which is about 20 yuan low price, in the past for the Tanzanian people is unthinkable. China's digital TV service came here before, in order to watch TV, the locals to spend more than 200,000 shillings per month, which is nearly 700 yuan, equivalent to ordinary people half a month's wages.


A Chinese drama played in Tanzanian digital television       

       Now, in the population of more than 50 million Tanzania, there are about 35 million people using the digital TV service provided by China.

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