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What is the role of tuner

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        The function of the tuner is to amplify the faint video signal, and the transmission instability caused by the image distortion and interference processing. The video processing chip determines the resolution of the image, while the tuner determines the stability of the image. But the tuner itself is very susceptible to electromagnetic interference, so the built-in TV card will generally be wrapped in a layer of metal layer outside the tuner to shield electromagnetic interference

        The tuner is commonly known as its official name for the high frequency tuner. The tuner is a device that is important and indispensable in satellite TV and satellite communications equipment systems. In the TV receiver, there is also a high-frequency device. The same name, the role is similar, but they work the band is not the same. When you press the channel key, the resonant frequency changes in the tuner and changes the channel.

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