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What is the definition of the tuner and the channel board

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        High-frequency head: the TV used to receive high-frequency signals and demodulate the video information of a device, but also the first part of the public channel. At present, the use of high-frequency TV head is generally divided into digital signal tuner (referred to as digital tuner) and analog signal tuner (referred to as analog tuner). Simply speaking is to accept the TV signal tuning and high-frequency signal amplifier, satellite TV decoder.

        Channel (information channels, communication terminology) is the signal transmission medium, can be divided into two types of wired and wireless channels. Cable channels include bright lines, symmetrical cables, coaxial cables and cables. Wireless channel with ground wave propagation, short-wave ionospheric reflection, ultrashort wave or microwave line-of-sight relay, satellite relay and a variety of scattered channels. If we expand the scope of the channel, it can also include the relevant conversion devices, such as: transmission equipment, receiving equipment, feeder and antenna, modulator, demodulator, etc., we call this extended channel for the generalized channel, The former is a narrow channel.

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