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What is the double vibration of the tuner

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       Dual-frequency high-frequency head in general, then the C-band with more, should be mostly free programs, with a tuner can drag a lot of receivers, the cost can be reduced a lot, while the KU band because most of the Is the encrypted program of a pot to pull a few machines is not realistic, so here I put the C-band dual-frequency tuner debugging method to you: you first level of the tune (with the southeast TV 3706 4420 H this Parameter to tune the star), the signal quality to the highest after the polarization can be polarized to the local oscillator frequency to 05750, the vertical can be changed to the level; if the machine has an automatic search, then the local oscillator frequency to 05750 search and can, and the general search of 50 percent of all the programs came out, it is worth noting that the dual vibration of the high-frequency "big ass" and the general orientation is not the same, 90 degrees! Point: the top of the high-frequency head 0 "scale line to maintain the basic level on the line!

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