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Take you to understand what is tuner

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LCD TV tuner, the official name is called high frequency tuner (tuner), is the TV can receive cable radio and television signal of the key devices.

       The traditional analog TV tuner is to simulate the way to complete the process of receiving amplification, gating, frequency conversion, picture sound demodulation, if there are distortion and distortion, will make the received image and sound quality deterioration. LCD TV is a digital TV, the first analog TV signal into a digital signal, compression, transmission, reception, processing, storage, recording and control, the receiving terminal first by the digital TV tuner for high-frequency amplification, comparison processing, channel decoding And demodulation, and then by the receiver back-end circuit for source decoding and other processing to restore the image and sound, if one of the distortion will cause error error, if beyond the tuner can control the range, you can not receive the image and audio.

       Digital tuner not only contains the original important indicators of traditional color TV, in the phase noise, nonlinear indicators and locking time and other detection methods are also very different. Analog TV tuner to receive analog TV signals, many different frequencies of high-frequency television signal into a fixed IF output, complete the movement of the spectrum. LCD TV tuner to receive digital radio and television signals, not only to complete the analog tuner to complete the spectrum transfer function, but also to complete the demodulation and channel decoding. As a front end of digital TV receivers, digital TV tuners use digital devices to make them easier to assemble and adjust than analogue tuners during production, and reliability and stability are greatly improved. As a result, digital tuners have many different techniques and techniques that differ from analog TV tuners, and their performance is much better than analogue TV tuners.

       The performance of the tuner has a great influence on the quality of the cable broadcast television signal receiving system. In terms of electrical performance, the high frequency head with low gain and low temperature coefficient should be selected. The high frequency head with poor quality is produced under different environmental climatic conditions Frequency drift caused by treadmill phenomenon, so buy high frequency stability of the tuner to ensure stable operation of the system. The frequency band received by the tuner is divided into VHF (Very High Frequency) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency), the former is the frequency range of 30MHz-300MHz band, the latter is the frequency range of 300MHz-3GHz Band. 1 tuner can only receive a cable TV signal at the same time, only with dual tuner LCD TV can receive two different cable TV signal, in order to achieve two different channels of dual-screen display.

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