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Company Profile

      Tianchang Linkesai Te Electronic Import & Export Co., Ltd. is located in the coast of the Yangtze River - Tianchang City, where the bustling capital of Shanghai, east of "historical and cultural city" Yangzhou, south of the "Six Dynasties ancient capital" Nanjing, surrounded by Jiangsu, known as Anhui "enclave "Said. Long deep, Ning even, Su Yang highway runs through the territory, intercity track directly to Nanjing Lukou Airport, geographical conditions, convenient transportation, climate and pleasant environment, with good investment and development prospects.

      Tianchang Linkesai Te Electronic Import & Export Co., Ltd. has always been to the relentless pursuit of quality, sustained and efficient service, to win customers to capture the market. In the fierce market competition, the company constantly blaze new trails. We have established a set of their own characteristics of the efficient system, in the era of rapid development of the information age, the company through the Internet, a lot of information carrier, and vigorously promote the e-commerce network marketing market, give full play to high-tech unique, Sales, prompt delivery, how fast the province for the majority of customer service.

      At present, the company's products have been widely used in petroleum, power, chemical, metallurgy, railway, shipbuilding, construction, fire, food and other industrial and civilian areas and exported to Canada, South Korea, Vietnam, Sudan, Pakistan, Iran, Jordan, Russia and other 20 countries and regions. Since the establishment of the company, has maintained a healthy and rapid development of the good momentum, operating performance flourishing. The face of increasingly fierce market competition, the company will further adhere to the "wholeheartedly to provide users with quality products and first-class service" for the purpose of service, continue to increase investment in science and technology, and strive for the revitalization of national industry, to promote social and economic development contribution!